How I work

Always questioning, I re-search universal archetypes. I observe nature, study diverse philosophies and meditate. Then I let go of it all and play with color and form to reveal my inner visions.

Rarely do I start with preconcieved ideas. Often I allow form to evolve out of color. At times I paint in an abstract way, other times my images are more realistic. It all depends upon the moment of inspiration.

The Day of the Bee

Hommage à L'Abeille

CREATIVE COLLECTIVE CEVENOL The Day of the Bee Saturday, April 18, 2009 To support the Association Kokopelli for its campaign "Free the Bees" 10h00 Conference by Maurice Chaudi?re : "Back to the Ecology of the Bee" followed by "When the Sun & Honey Blend", DVD projection 15h00 "The Queen Bee" by the Enchanted Caravan Chinese Shadow Show , All ages welcome 17h00 " Bee Titanic / Pesticide Terror", Documentary film by Dominique Guillet and Ananda 20h00 Open Mike - Your instruments are welcome All day:

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Graines de ...

Paintings, Sculptures, Ceramics Raku This art exhibition is an opportunity for five artists to come together to present their creations with joy and passion, to support the work of the Association Kokopelli :  an association working for the protection of food biodiversity, the promotion of agro-ecological practices and the right for gardeners and farmers to produce their own seed. The artists will make a donation to the association. We warmly welcome you to this exhibition which runs from September 21 to November 30, to come meet the artists, the association Kokopelli and to sow seeds of

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Circle of Seven

Cercle de 7

We six artists meet on the edge of chaos and order, on the edge of constructing and deconstructing, on the edge of inner and outer, on the edge of past and future, on the edge of process and mediums... we invite you to join us.

We make and offer this art to learn, to explore, to teach, to heal, to grow, to give back, for what we recieve... we invite you to join us.

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Finding Heart, Finding Voice

Sacred feminine

Excerpt from an Article of the Monadnock Ledger, 5/13/2004

"Finding heart, Finding Voice," these words were spoken by Jane Fonda in her speech at the "National Woman's Leadership Summit" in Washington, DC, in 2003. When a group of sixteen artists gathered here this winter, to organize a group show, they knew that this sentence expressed the vision of their exhibition.

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