Hygiene Safety Discipline

A group of artists from Bessèges and the surrounding area had deconfined themselves and had a blast with this group exhibition.

Viral and collective exhibition
Martina Westover, Jnk, Sylvie Barbe, Allan Valla, Jockonde, Sarah Patroni, Eugénie Bal, Clébar, La Tribu Vivace

Performance, concert with Epilexique




Date de fin
Sauce B16

These images reflect my moments of meditation, visions and inner contemplation of the world. I have practiced"voyaging" beyond the visible for over thirty years. It helps me to be centered and more open to others.


Nature et Techno

Masks for theatre, carnival, or wall decoration

"We all wear a mask, it's well known, and comes a moment where we can not remove it without tearing our skin off." -André Berthiaume

  • Hygen et Sec

    Hygen et Sec

  • Photo de Mr Gay

    Photo de Mr Gay