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  • I wish for this website, produced by my companion, to present and distribute my art more widely.

  • Since my childhood, nature has made me happy, serene and creative. The kingdoms that are on this wonderful land inspire me: mineral, plant, animal and human ...

  • Born in Washington D.C. on October 3, 1956 to an American father and an Austrian mother, I was accompanied in the discovery of painting by a cosmopolitan family.

  • Always questioning, I re-search universal archetypes. I observe nature, study diverse philosophies and meditate. Then I let go of it all and play with color and form to reveal my inner visions.

  • This work is the first series after having left the teaching profession.

  • An Ancient and Modern Alchemical Way. "The creative forces radiate from all points of the sky towards the earth and determine all earthly things." Roger Bacon (1214-1294).

  • This series represents a retrospective of my inner experiences from my earliest childhood up to 48 years old. The impetus for this work was given to me at the age of 28.

  • "On the threshold of chaos" is a term coined by contemporary scientists who do research in the field of "complexity science." I quote Roger Lewis, author and publisher: "The science of complexity o

  • I make use of inks often in my mixed techniques.

  • My work is rarely done with tube paint. I prefer to mix pigments with a binder. I often use Kremer pigments.

  • Encaustic painting or wax painting, used since Antiquity, is a painting technique that uses colors diluted in molten wax, that is, using beeswax as a binder. This paste is used hot.

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