Tribute to the Bee

"We are the bees of the Universe. We harvest the visible honey in the great golden hive of the invisible. "
Rainer Maria Rilke

"I demand a better form of thought, feeling and will. These are the true aesthetic criteria. "

Joseph Beuys

The abandonment of beehives by the thousands around the world has troubled me for over two years. I rarly search for a theme for my bodies of work. Usually the theme finds me and I plunge into it with enthusiasm. The bees found me. I used wax, a gift from the bees, to express myself.
The theme made me think deeply about the plight of bees and consequently the fate of all mankind. I am not a bee keeper, but I think this new crisis involves each one of us. For me the beehive collapse syndrome is a mirror of the collapse of our society today. Nevertheless I remain optimistic that human beings will find
solutions to help the bees and to transform society.
I created this series in order to express my deep gratitude to the world of the bees and to simply thank them for all the gifts which they have bestowed upon humanity. We should all do what we can so that the bees can continue their task so vital to life and according to their true nature.