A propos de l'Artiste

I wish for this website, produced by my companion, to present and distribute my art more widely.

You can freely enjoy the medium-resolution images of the site under the CC 3.0 license or simply browse my world of 20 series including more than 600 creations including paintings, sculptures, masks, ...

Since my childhood, nature has made me happy, serene and creative. The kingdoms that are on this wonderful land inspire me: mineral, plant, animal and human ...

Born in Washington D.C. on October 3, 1956 to an American father and an Austrian mother, I was accompanied in the discovery of painting by a cosmopolitan family.

My father, an amateur painter, introduced me  to drawing and oil painting. Very quickly I practiced copying  some works of great masters that I saw in the many art galleries of my home town.

Always questioning, I re-search universal archetypes. I observe nature, study diverse philosophies and meditate. Then I let go of it all and play with color and form to reveal my inner visions.

I do not know when the passion for drawing and painting manifested in me. However, what I remember is that my father told me that I was already holding a pencil before I could even walk. I drew like any child who loves colors and scribbles, carefree.

For more than 40 years I have been committed to helping others find their own creativity, whether it be my sons, my grandchildren or my students, big and small in school settings or during workshops.

I hope that my paintings inspire others to create for themselves. I mean creating in a broad sense. Because the human being truly grows when he is an autonomous and free creator.