My Path

Born in Washington D.C. on October 3, 1956 to an American father and an Austrian mother, I was accompanied in the discovery of painting by a cosmopolitan family.

My father, an amateur painter, introduced me  to drawing and oil painting. Very quickly I practiced copying  some works of great masters that I saw in the many art galleries of my home town.

From the age of 13, artists in Washington, like Miriam Hapgood DeWitt occasionally guided my personal research in their studios.

I then followed a few art classes in an alternative German high school from 1972-1976. Arriving in France as a young adult in 1976, I was mainly guided  by the architect / painter Jean Bouchet

Apart from these  influences and inspirations, I am largely self-taught.

I taught the Arts in alternative schools in France and the USA for twenty years before devoting myself to painting since 2002.

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