In my search of archetypes, I explore a different theme for several months each year.

  • This work is the first series after having left the teaching profession.

  • An Ancient and Modern Alchemical Way. "The creative forces radiate from all points of the sky towards the earth and determine all earthly things." Roger Bacon (1214-1294).

  • This series represents a retrospective of my inner experiences from my earliest childhood up to 48 years old. The impetus for this work was given to me at the age of 28.

  • "On the threshold of chaos" is a term coined by contemporary scientists who do research in the field of "complexity science." I quote Roger Lewis, author and publisher: "The science of complexity o

  • I studied the I-Ching for a year, from January 2006 to December 2006.

  • "Finding order is to know the constant.
    Knowing the constant is enlightenment "
    Lao Tse

  • These images reflect my moments of meditation, visions and inner contemplation of the world. I have practiced"voyaging" beyond the visible for over thirty years.

  • This series was made for the pleasure of discovering linoleum engraving.

  • Movement and dance with harmonious interior and exterior gestures to create abundance.
    I spent a summer creating recycled paper. I made a hundred sheets.