Elemental Plant Bodies

For the observation of some plants in 2005, I practiced the method of Rudolf Steiner which consists in observing a plant with such a concentration that we can then “duplicate” the plant with all its details, like a perfect photographic image. in front of the inner gaze without reconstructing it step by step.

This "seeing” was accompanied by a strong sense of gratitude and wonder. I united with each plant with love. Subsequently I kept the image in me as long as possible without letting go of my concentration. Then I let this image disappear. Instead, there appeared to me  geometrics shape composed of sparkling and vibrating streams of light, ascending and descending.

Each shape had appeared to me in an extremely fleeting way and if I had not quickly sketched them out they would have disappeared immediately from my consciousness. My interpretations in images are as close as possible to my inner experience without any real artistic formatting for the moment.