Soul Portraits

This series represents a retrospective of my inner experiences from my earliest childhood up to 48 years old. The impetus for this work was given to me at the age of 28. During a moment of fatigue and a pause in my work as a teacher, I had the complete view in one instant of all the spiritual experiences and all my lucid dreams that I have had so far. I quickly drew them so as not to forget them. Some were already well registered in my heart. I promised myself that one day I would manifest them as paintings.

Twenty years later, when I was going through a great painful change in my life, I remade this retrospective of my existence in meditation to help me situate myself better in the present and find a direction towards the future. I remembered my promise and began to paint. This has not been easy. I had to remember the emotion that I had experienced long ago to manifest it in shapes and colors. I especially did not want to be intellectual or analytical in my approach.

Although these images represent personal experiences, each of these moments is an objective and real cognitive experience.

I hope that by sharing this kind of inner biography a picture or two speaks to someone who may have had similar experiences. Perhaps then these similar experiences can show us that there are universal experiences of a certain archetype that can then bring us closer, instead of pulling us apart.