Saisons d'Energie

"Finding order is to know the constant. Knowing the constant is enlightenment " Lao Tse This new series on the seasons of energy has gone through many stages. Initially, I was inspired by the archetypal plant in its growth throughout the seasons. But after a few weeks of work, I found that something was missing. I felt blocked. So I asked the question: ? What is that element which unites the seasons and therefore the plant kingdom? ? Part of my answer came by way of Chinese medicine and its defintion of the seasons as energies . Chinese medecine has interested me for some time now. This work allowed me to reconnect with Chinese philosophy which had nourished me so much during my work on the Y-King. In Chinese medicine, a phase does not mark the end of a cycle, but the beginning of a new one, like the seed that falls from the plant, burrowing into the earth and giving birth to a new plant. For me the circle was "closed" and I could find a new start for this series. The Chinese fifth season is not depicted as a fifth season in my quadryptique work. As a transitional season I represented it by the color yellow ( as taught by this philosophy ) weaving throughout all the others. In my own experinence yellow truely has the quality to unite all the other color energies.

Martina Westover, November 2010


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