Winter Salon, Espace Cez’art

Natura Incognita

Gathered around Cambou, president of the association "Le clin d'oeil cévenol", creator of multiple inspirations, mosaic artist Chantal Giraud, photographer Iréna Gauthier, painters Delphine Devillers, Jean-Louis Fantino, Christiane Gattus Dany Jullian, J. Bertrand de Libreville, Odile Bron, Pierre Denille, Denise Mayere, Huguette Pinna-Chevrier, Françoise Schad, Gisèle Vidal, and artits more difficult to classify, Martina Westover; Claude Bagarry and Blaise Muller as well as the two sculptors David Hoyal and Jean Claude Caparros showcase personal techniques and styles.

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Espace Cez'art

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