The Profane and the Sacred

sacré Profane

A duo exhibition with Martina and Valérie around the Sacred and the Profane.

I am showing five out of seven works of this series for the first time in Bessèges.

“According to the belief of  primitive people, mineral substances participate in the sacredness of Mother Earth. Minerals "grow" in the belly of the Earth, just like embryos. Metallurgy thus takes on an obstetrical character. The miner and the metallurgist intervene in the course of underground embryology : they precipitate the rate of growth of minerals, they collaborate in the work of Nature, help her "to give birth faster". In short, by these techniques, the being humanizes, gradually substitutes Time, his work replaces the work of Time.

Collaborating with Nature, helping it to produce more and more quickly, changing the modalities of matter, this is one of the sources of alchemical ideology. Like the founder and the blacksmith, the alchemist transforms matter that is both living and sacred: his labors continue the transformation of matter, its improvement, its transmutation. " Author ?

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Sauce B16

73 rue de la République
30160 Besseges

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