Finding Heart, Finding Voice


Sacred feminine

Excerpt from an Article of the Monadnock Ledger, 5/13/2004

"Finding heart, Finding Voice," these words were spoken by Jane Fonda in her speech at the "National Woman's Leadership Summit" in Washington, DC, in 2003. When a group of sixteen artists gathered here this winter, to organize a group show, they knew that this sentence expressed the vision of their exhibition.

"It is the desire to return again to nature, peace, transformation," says Martina, the organizer of "Finding Heart, Finding Voice" which is advertised as an exhibition of paintings, photographs, ceramics, drawings , sculptures and performance to honor the sacred feminine. The reception will be at the Riverview Mill with the opportunity to "stroll" through a maze followed by an evening of music, poetry and dance.

Artists: Martina Westover, Jean-Pascal Monzies, Susan Brown, Colleen Forrest, Randi Stein, Anna Vojtech, Rachael Johnson, Tracey Bowman, Gary Pinette, Aaron Brown, Jyotti Leask, Carol Renwick, Michael Katz, Raphael Monzies, Amy Shinerock, Sumitra Haynes

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42.843831, -71.739481


Riverview Mill, Wilton, New Hampshire, USA

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Sacred feminine