Circle of Seven


Cercle de 7

We six artists meet on the edge of chaos and order, on the edge of constructing and deconstructing, on the edge of inner and outer, on the edge of past and future, on the edge of process and mediums... we invite you to join us.

We make and offer this art to learn, to explore, to teach, to heal, to grow, to give back, for what we recieve... we invite you to join us.

We stand in a circle as a group of six individuals within the greater seventh circle of the community of which you are a part... we invite you to view, to enjoy, to question, to contemplate, to purchase, and to give this art as a means of contributing to the circle of the Community Kitchen of Keene, and the people it serves.

The artists : Dianne Lytlle, Equanimiti Joy, Rachael Johnson, Ingrid Chavez, Aly Bowman, Martina Westover, in collaberation with ? Moving Company ? and? Art Works of Keene Studios ? to support ? The Community Kitchen of Keene ?

Art Works of Keene Studios, Keene, New Hampshire, USA

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42.933597, -72.2784264


Keene, New Hampshire, USA

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Cercle de 7