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Paintings, Sculptures, Ceramics Raku This art exhibition is an opportunity for five artists to come together to present their creations with joy and passion, to support the work of the Association Kokopelli :  an association working for the protection of food biodiversity, the promotion of agro-ecological practices and the right for gardeners and farmers to produce their own seed. The artists will make a donation to the association. We warmly welcome you to this exhibition which runs from September 21 to November 30, to come meet the artists, the association Kokopelli and to sow seeds of all kinds, especially seeds of hope ... D.Dardare: Sculptures and ceramics Raku, H.Dizier: Raku Ceramics, G.Karould: Inks, P.Planckeel: wood carvings, M.Westover: Paintings

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44.1253665, 4.0852818


30100, Alés France

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Graines de ...